Bucknell Residential College Symposium 2021
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Saturday, December 4, 2021
The Symposium is an inter-college event where Res College students openly discuss the topics explored within each college’s respective theme.

Every student will give either a Presentation or a Poster, either as a group or as an individual project.  Every student will also be an audience member for their peers.  

At Registration, you will receive a name tag with your schedule on it.

The Symposium is organized into two, concurrent, sessions: 
Session I: 1:40 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. & Session II: 3:10 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  

Schedule overview is as follows:

12:30pm: Student and Moderator Registration, Holmes Hall Lobby
1pm: Opening Speaker, Shirah Moffatt-Darko ’18, Social Justice College, Trout Auditorium
1:40 - 3pm: Poster Session in Holmes Hall Lobby & Formal Presentations in Holmes Hall Classrooms
3:10pm - 4:30pm: Poster Session in Holmes Hall Lobby & Formal Presentations in Holmes Hall Classrooms
4:40 - 5pm: Plenary Party in Holmes Hall Lobby

Attendance is expected for the entire Symposium

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Saturday, December 4

12:30pm EST

1:00pm EST

1:40pm EST

Teaching Critical Race Theory Academic West 108Meenakshi Ponnuswami • Hannah Schultheis • Kayla Freibott Gendered Analysis of Contemporary Issue Holmes Hall 213LIMITEDJanice Mann • Verona Hendricks • Leonel Castro Wicked Smart: Boston as a Backdrop for Will Hunting's Inner Math Genius Holmes Hall 252Noemi Pedraza • Jeremy Chow • Morgan Bullis Jeremy Deller- An Art-Social Revolution Holmes Hall 231Jan Knoedler • Victor King • Siena Vestri Poetic Utility: Buster Simpson's Urban Art Holmes Hall 129LIMITEDBastian Heinsohn • Andrei Bucaloiu • Katrina Wilson The Rwandan Healing Project Holmes Hall 102Roger Rothman • Caitlyn Schuette • Somtochi Ojiaku The Yes Men and Laughtivism: Deceiving to Show the Real Truth and Enact Change Holmes Hall 240FILLINGProf. Michael Drexler • Miles Book • Ariel Ulrich A resolution for change: How policy and hospital protocol deeply affects health disparities in the United States Holmes Hall 341Prof. Aaron Mitchel • Joanna Raup-Collado • Gabby Diaz • Battle McFadden • Brady Karp Lacrosse Stick Evolution Holmes Hall 104FILLINGEmily Stowe • Minh Anh Phan • Olivia Stein • Molly Battista • Derek Coleman The Future is Now Group 2 Holmes Hall 202LIMITEDDarakhshan Mir • John Pena • Chase Derk • Christian Cardinali • David Ionita Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Holmes Hall 251FILLINGSally Koutsoliotas • Kyle Young • Kylee Tucholski • Alex Smith • Laura Ancuta • Liv Makemson Food Sustainabliliy in the US Holmes Hall 116LIMITEDProf. Mark Spiro • Chris Azzam • Ryan Spallone • Lilly Walsh • Natasha Rawls • John Klopcic Interactive Posters Session I Holmes Hall hallwaysSteve Jordan • Elaine Williams • Prof. Collin McKinney • Prof. Stephanie Larson • Prof. Geoff Schneider • Erica Delsandro • Sezi Seskir • Minhaj Bhuiyan • Shelby May • Ethan McNamara • Anneliese Smith • Haley Beardsley • Elle Chrampanis • Krystell Ewing • Eliza Ray • Twity Gitonga • Will Kerber • Pete Brooksbank • Deepak Iyer • Abby Flynt • Jasmine Mena MASKS AND MEANING Holmes 101Maria Brubaker • Kailey Schaubhut • Nathaniel Samuels • Alice Jackins • Marina Ferro • Emma Brooksbank Nationalism and Music Holmes Hall LobbySam Kellish Nationalism and Music Class Holmes Hall LobbyMaddie Whitsitt Nationalism and Music Interviews Holmes Hall LobbyOwen Davis Small Data Holmes 101Naomi Malone • Kelsey Werkheiser • Ericka Anghel • Alejandro Plata • Jonathan Lei • Clea Ramos • Akitoshi Kuramochi • Mia Shum The Nationalism and Music Class Holmes Hall LobbyKim Magnotta The Voices of Patriotism Holmes Hall LobbyHannah Schilling What Does Your National Anthem Mean to You? Holmes Hall LobbyBecca Lipsky A Look into Poe's Works Holmes Hall LobbyRobbie Gudz A Survey of Katherine Mansfield's Work Holmes Hall LobbyKatie Snyder Ancient Greek Religious Practices Holmes Hall LobbyMorgan Hudy Ancient Greek Warfare: the Phalanx Holmes Hall LobbyJake Klavonski Ancient Military Strategy Holmes Hall LobbyAnthony Castellano Angela Carter- Feminism and Fiction Holmes Hall LobbyKatheryn Brown Anti(Queer)ties Holmes Hall LobbyTales Carneiro Passos Common Themes in the Works of Edgar Allen Poe Holmes Hall LobbyAJ Lawrence Divine Drift Holmes Hall LobbyJackson Becker Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Literary Survey Holmes Hall LobbyLeland Calistri Hannibal's Elephants Holmes Hall LobbyAdam Berner Poe's Expression Holmes Hall LobbyMoira Weinstein Raymond Carver Holmes Hall LobbyTaylor McClain Taking Back Her Voice: A Comparative Look Between the Agency of Eurydice in Ovid's Metamorphoses vs Hadestown the Broadway Musical Holmes Hall LobbyGracyn Shaw To Be or Not to Be: Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Holmes Hall LobbyTJ Freeman "Senegal through the lens of 'La noire de.....' by Ousmane Sembene" Holmes Hall LobbyAya Tarist Belonging to a Lie Holmes Hall LobbyVivian Kuang Diseases and Deterioration Holmes Hall LobbyTahdai Crews-Harris Ferris Bueller's Day Off Holmes Hall LobbyLIMITEDTina Mehta Healing and Identity Holmes Hall LobbyGrace Kim Hidden Symbols Holmes Hall LobbyJahnia Treadwell Homophobia in the City of Brotherly Love: Exploration of the Role of the City in the Film Philadelphia Holmes Hall LobbyClara Carroll Overregulated and Underappreciated: Religious Identity Formation in Blankets Holmes Hall LobbyDora Kreitzer Tokyo Story: A"New" Era Holmes Hall LobbyMinh Tran • Hannah Kim Using "New Kid" to analyze social impact of black identity in primarily white institutions Holmes Hall LobbyBhenzel Cadet A Toxic Injustice Holmes Hall LobbyReagan Russell A Western Footprint; From Cows to Wind Turbines Holmes Hall LobbyTrevor Nugent • Dylan Karam Food Inequality and Social Justice Holmes Hall LobbyBen Armas Gold, Villains and Climate Holmes Hall LobbyLissandro Alvarado Which Towns Are Worth Saving? Holmes Hall LobbyEvan Bowers • Connor Fratantaro Ad-based discrimination Holmes Hall LobbyRamon Asuncion Batista Amazon Alexa: Is It Worth It To Sacrifice Your Privacy? Holmes Hall LobbyCaitlin Bucceri Artificial Intelligence is the future: But where are the women? Holmes Hall LobbyReva Sharma Automatic Economic Inequality Holmes Hall LobbyLauren Wenzl Autopsying Predictive Policing: Where to? Holmes Hall LobbyAndrew Zhang Data Collection, Censorship, and Privacy on Metaverse Holmes Hall LobbyYuki Yao Economics Effects of a Data-driven World Holmes Hall LobbyShane Bell Governments Versus the Power of AI Holmes Hall LobbyVishnupriya Batchu How is the government dealing with machine biases? Holmes Hall LobbyWera Kyaw Kyaw Non-Fungible Token's dilution art Holmes Hall LobbySantiago Hernandez Social Media, the Device meant to Unite Humankind and How that Mission has Failed Holmes Hall LobbyJake Guy The Chinese Trust Holmes Hall LobbyNando Rezende de Carvalho The Dangers of Healthcare Data Bias Holmes Hall LobbyClaire Engel

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Harry Styles' Gender Performativity Holmes Hall 104Twity Gitonga • Abby Flynt • Brielle Ramundo Not just a Woman, but a Black Woman: Welcome to Hollywood Holmes Hall 129LIMITEDEliza Ray • Jasmine Mena • Barbara Wankollie The Implications of Feminism in Witchcraft Holmes Hall 231Steve Jordan • Krystell Ewing • Kaitlyn Segreti Transgender Athletes Holmes Hall 213LIMITEDKat Wakabayashi • Shelby May • Max Nolan Ai Weiwei: The Social Practice Art of the Most Dangerous Man in China Holmes Hall 202LIMITEDErica Delsandro • Haley Beardsley • Brandon Roman Chemi Rosado- Seijo: Art and Unity Holmes Hall 240Elaine Williams • Elle Chrampanis • Matthew Miller Engaged: Apolonija Šušteršič's Creative Attempt to Gather the World Around Us Holmes Hall 102FILLINGProf. Geoff Schneider • Natalie Moreno • Amanda Mitchell Food Labels on Campus Holmes Hall 251FILLINGAnneliese Smith • Pete Brooksbank • Maria Lindberg • Kaitlyn Trageser • Ricky Meister • Harrison Long The Future is Now Group 5 Holmes Hall 341Ethan McNamara • Will Kerber • Manolo Panariello • Aidan DeWitt • Paul Pepper Blindsight Holmes Hall 116Minhaj Bhuiyan • Deepak Iyer • Eric Jaeger • Nicole Joseph • Luke Corday • Tommy Vitolo Interactive Posters Session II Holmes Hall hallwaysJanice Mann • Emily Stowe • Jan Knoedler • Sally Koutsoliotas • Prof. Stephanie Larson • Meenakshi Ponnuswami • Roger Rothman • Prof. Mark Spiro • Prof. Michael Drexler • Bastian Heinsohn • Verona Hendricks • Andrei Bucaloiu • Minh Anh Phan • Caitlyn Schuette • Prof. Aaron Mitchel • Joanna Raup-Collado • Miles Book • Chris Azzam • John Pena • Noemi Pedraza • Kyle Young • Hannah Schultheis • Victor King • Jeremy Chow Individual to Anthem: How Do You Feel About Your Nation? Holmes Hall LobbyElla Grenci MASKS AND MEANING Holmes 101Huyan Yu • Rhiannon Wimer • Zhiyi Ren • Anne Parsons • Amma Saunders • Alexa Horvath • Evelyn Pierce National Anthem Interviews Holmes Hall LobbyBrandon Dick National Anthems & National Pride Holmes Hall LobbyMolly Manhoff Podcasts on National Anthems Holmes Hall LobbyClaire Jenkins Small Data Holmes 101Henry Martin • Brian Espinal-Juarez • Hejie Liu • Kevin Wu • Brendan Near • Sophia Reich • Lexi Alsante • Jacob Severnak • Ginger Baxter The Meaning Behind National Anthems Holmes Hall LobbyTia Kean "Untying the Knot" Holmes Hall LobbyAnna Marie Wingard A Look at 1960s Satire by Someone who Doesn't Understand The 1960s Holmes Hall LobbyBryce Merry An exploration of the works of Anthony Doerr Holmes Hall LobbyJohn Glassman Ancient Greek Olympics Holmes Hall hallwaysAdam Sujak Ancient Plagues and Their Developments Holmes Hall LobbyKaitlyn Carduff Ancient Roman Philosophy Holmes Hall LobbyArjun Anand Angela Carter: A Literary Review Holmes Hall LobbyJackson Montague Cosmetics in Ancient History Holmes Hall LobbyYiwen Luo Edgar Allan Poe and the Single Effect Holmes Hall LobbyAaron Chin Examining Jhumpa Lahiri's Works Holmes Hall LobbyThao Nguyen Helen of Troy Holmes Hall hallwaysEleni Vasiliades Illustrated: How Ray Bradbury Builds Atmosphere Holmes Hall LobbyMiguel Camacho Imhotep: The Seed of All Medicine Holmes Hall LobbyCharles White mark antony and cleopatra: a love story Holmes Hall hallwaysGreta Kobus Plague and Religion in the Ancient World Holmes Hall LobbyEllie Okonak The Ancient Olympic Games: Chariot Racing Holmes Hall LobbyHope Davis The Derveni Papyrus Holmes Hall LobbyAri Gutstein Tyrants of Ancient Greece Holmes Hall LobbyMatt Blair Willa Cather: The Theme of Death Holmes Hall LobbyErich Berke "In the Mood for Love" Holmes Hall LobbyAmelia Ruck Almost American Girl: Struggles of starting fresh Holmes Hall LobbyLala Lopez Garcia How Graphic Novels Bring Awareness to Inadequate Geriatric Care Systems Holmes Hall LobbyTeddy Donohue Ignorance Creates Prejudice: An Arab's Experience in a Biased America Holmes Hall LobbyMorgan Haros Joker's use of Gotham to depict mental health Holmes Hall LobbyCharlie Ehrbar Repression of Women Holmes Hall LobbyDaniela Martinez-Paz The Deeper Effects of Racism: Depicted in the Graphic Novel New Kid Holmes Hall LobbyAnisha Moran The Impact of Cultural Differences on Family Communication and Adolescents' Coming Out Decision in The Magic Fish Holmes Hall LobbyLuong Vu The Narrative New York City provides in "John Wick" Holmes Hall LobbyPeter Beaudette Deforestation: How Capitalism Thrives On Our Climate Crisis Holmes Hall LobbySarah Sanfield • Julianna Cruz Is Sustainable Really Sustainable? Holmes Hall LobbyKenny Quinn • Grant Ellis UN-doing the climate crisis Holmes Hall LobbyTyler Dunn • Hugh Cronin A Blackout Future: Grid Infrastructure for the Modern Age Holmes Hall LobbyColton Jiorle Algorithmic Confounding Holmes Hall LobbyJoseph Helm Artificial Incompetence: An Argument for the Moderation of AI use in Hiring and Firing Holmes Hall LobbyJosh Dewey Autonomous Weapons and the Further Devaluation of Human Life Holmes Hall LobbyGarrett Regan Biases In Algorithms That Deal With Crime Holmes Hall LobbyBrandon Cho Bitcoin Banter: How Bitcoin can Bring Prosperity to Developing Countries Holmes Hall LobbyJacob Piskadlo Data Commodification Holmes Hall LobbyLuke Knarr Do Targeted Ads Promote Biases? Holmes Hall LobbyMary Robinson Edit Your Genes Today! Discussing the Controversy Surrounding CRISPR Technology Holmes Hall LobbySerena Porte Genetic Engineering: inevitability, concerns, and how to reduce risk Holmes Hall LobbyAlex Choi How Personalized Profiles and Predictive Algorithms Monetize Discrimination Holmes Hall LobbyJunior Weil How technology is tracking us? Holmes Hall LobbyVy Tran Inequality in Data Holmes Hall LobbyAmina Reyes Is VR worth it? Holmes Hall LobbyMarques Owens Search Engine Bias: Who should be responsible for? Holmes Hall LobbyLinh Nguyen Social Media and Free Speech Holmes Hall LobbyMatt Compton Technology and the teaching of literature Holmes Hall LobbyHoward Kim Technology's Push Towards Unconventional Warfare Holmes Hall LobbyLauren Rolla The New War Machine: The future of aerial drones and other autonomous warfare in the modern world Holmes Hall LobbyIan Keat The Selfish Drive: How parents are unjust in using genetic testing on their offspring Holmes Hall LobbyKevin Duong

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